With the development of people’s life standard and the progress of technology, phones have been very common in our lives. Therefore, there are some people worrying that letter writing will be replaced by phones totally. In my opinion, phones will not kill letter writing completely.


Many reasons can account for my views. First, compared with phones—a straight way to express feeling and to communicate, letter writing is more implicit. In other words, letter writing is an implicit way to deal with problem, especially in an embarrassing situation. For example, when we have quarrel with our friends sometimes, we can explain or apology to them by writing a letter. Second, letter writing is more sincere and formal than phones in expressing our gratitude. Most of the well-educated are inclined to use letters to express their respect and gratitude rather than other ways in that they can collect these letters to commemorate their association or affection. I believe that they will keep this habit all the time. Finally, to some extent, letter writing is much cheaper than phone calls and the former is more suitable for the poor.


Therefore, I believe that letter writing will not be replaced by phones completely, and I even advocate that we should use letter writing to replace phones in some memorable situation.  


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