Nowadays, English has become the international standard language. As China is stepping to the internationalization, learning English is more and more important. But many people find it hard to learn English well. According to my own learning experience, I think determination, read English materials and patience are the most significant.


First of all, doing everything needs determination. Determination is a prerequisite to do something. When facing difficulty, the people who have determination will insist, on contrary, the people who don’t have determinatin are easily give up. Thus, if people wants to do something well, the first thing they need to do is to make up their mind. Secondly, reading  English materials is a great help for learning English. It can help people raise sense for English language, have interest and confidence in Engilsh. That will help people a lot in the process of learning. Last, patience is necessary in English learning. Most people will feel difficult to learn English at the beginning. The people without patience will often upset towards learning English. As a result, it will increase the difficulties of learning English and vice versa.


In general, determination, reading English materials and patience are the effective ways to learn English. If people recognize those, they will learn it well sooner or later.


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