With the fast development of online communication tools and online chatting tools, an increasing number of people are inclined to make friends online. However, is it wise to make friends online? People from different backgrounds and cultures have divergent views concerning this issue.


For one thing, those who have already benefited from practicing it sing high praise of it. They claim that making friends online has many advantages compared to communicate with each other in face to face. For instance, making friends online can communicate with our friends at any time to strengthen our relationship and save a lot social resources. And we can keep in touch with our friends when we have no time to visit them in person. They also point out that making friends online provides a good chance for us to communicate with people from different social backgrounds and cultures. In other words, making friends online can broaden our horizon and widen our personal relationships. In addition, it also makes contribution to narrow our gap in area and culture.


However, for another, other people hold opposite views towards this issue. They argue that it is dangerous to make friends online. They cite many examples that people cheated by online friends. And they figure out that sometimes it will cause some misunderstanding in culture because some online friends tell lies and provide wrong information.


In my point of view, I am inclined to favor the former though we should be careful when making friends online. To put it in a nutshell, it is wise to make friends online.


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