In recent years, the increasing number of museums in our country is allowed to visit for free. This phenomenon has aroused a heated discussion around all over the country and the advocates and the opponents have both given strong arguments concerning it.


On the one hand, those who have already benefited from practicing it sing highly praise of it. They claim that allowing people to come to and visit museums is a good way to know our national history and spread and inherit our national culture. People who have access to get into museums will have more chance to know and understand our own culture and history better. In addition, they point out that it is an important and a good way of national education. Through visiting museums, students can be cultivated to treat things objectively and roundly, especially for historical matters. What’s more, visiting museum, especially historical museums, is a good choice to development the proud and honor of our nation.


However, on the other hand, some opponents argue that the museum itself and its treasures will suffer from destroy and even loss if a large number of people are allowed to come to and visit museum at the same time. And they also figure out that if there is no necessary and enough instructions and education, free admission to museum will not have an obvious impact on instructing and educating. 


I would have to say that, free admission to museum is a progressive measure to spread our history and culture, but meanwhile, we have to consider and avoid the troubles it will bring to.


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