Early dawn breaks the silence of the campus, including the study room. The birds are whispering, telling us a wholly new day is coming.

There are nearly one hundred seats in the study room, and there are several books piling on the each desk. Besides, bottles, cups, snack are here and there. People cannot fail to find any useful things in the study room.

On such a early Sunday morning, except me there are only four students can be found in the study room. A girl sitting by the window is reading a book which has a blue cover. Her left hand lifts her head and her right hand fixes the book. Sunshine goes through the window, shines on her. Staring her shining hair, I see some spirits dancing on it. A lovely girl with big eyes is standing in front of the desk, drinking milk to activate her energy all day. At the same time, she looks out of the window, lost in thought. With the sun growing higher, the studying room becomes brighter, too. However, the boy sitting beside me absorbs himself in sleeping still with a pen in his hand. I guess what dream is he making now? Another girl is writing something rapidly on the paper. She has a slim figure which is more charming when in her red dress though her hair is a little messy. Her beauty cannot be covered up......

At that time, the cleaner is coming, and her movements break my contemplation. I shall study now.

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