At present, dating shows have been very popular in people’s lives. No matter how busy the people are, they will grasp any chances to watch this kind of shows as much as possible. As the time elapses, a growing number of dating shows have appeared on television.

Many factors account for this phenomenon. To begin with, these shows provide a chance for the single to search for their dates so that they think that they have more opportunities to break away from the single identities and even get married. Furthermore, some people are on account of amusement to watch this kind of shows. They will feel funny and happy when watching others dating. Last but not least, the funny form and the relax atmosphere of these shows have also made a great contribution to its audience ratings.

However, for my part, I advocate that these dating shows should be restricted to some extent. Some people who have dated in these shows use the artificial identities to cheat others. In addition, these shows have brought some bad impacts on our national spirits because it advocates materialism in some way. Therefore, to avoid these problems, some actions should be taken to restrict these shows.

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