In recent years, there is an increasing number of college or university students go to pursue graduate studies, also known as the craze of pursuing graduate studies. However, the increasing craze of pursuing graduate studies has also caused many problems in the meanwhile.


On one hand, the crazy of pursuing graduate studies has reflected the students’ eagerness of knowledge and the progress of the society. In addition, the craze of pursuing graduate studies has alleviated employment pressure in a manner.


But on the other hand, many problems have followed. In the first place, with the development of the craze of pursuing graduate studies, a lot of colleges and universities have carried out the postgraduate education enrollment expansion policy. The policy has some bad impact on the quality of postgraduate education. Moreover, the craze of pursuing graduate studies has increased the difficulty for the graduate employment. With the increase of the graduate students, the postgraduate diploma has devaluated in some degree and that has caused the graduate students suffer more when hunting jobs. Last but not the least, the craze of pursuing of graduate studies has great impact on students themselves. For one thing, it has greatly increased the pressure from competition between students which has a great influence on students’ physical and mental health. For another, those who have a fanatical pursuit for qualification or degree are usually lack of practical ability and have less knowledge than others.


In a word, the craze of pursuing graduate studies has been a hot topic on campus. As far as I am concerned, we should take a critical attitude to treat this phenomenon.  


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