Being a mature student does not mean being an old-timer. Mature is not measured by the number of years a person has lived. Instead, they yardstick of maturity is marked by the qualities of self-denial, determination, and dependability.


Self-denial is an important quality of a mature student. The word “Self-denial” means restraining being strict with oneself. Sometimes, people define it as self-discipline which has a bias passive meaning. Self-denial is not making a lot of rules and regulations to layer upon layer to manacle oneself, but with the autonomic action to create an order for our study life. We always have great dreams, have magnificent ideals and have grand prospects; however, they are often postponed or even vanished by ourselves due to the lack of self-denial. We should put our ideas into practice. Besides, self-denial also means denying yourself and controlling your impulses. Nobody is perfect. Faced with mistakes, we should take measures to modify it and never behave impulsively.


Determination is another characteristic of a mature student .What we define determination is to take up your mind to act decidedly and take the consequences. Determination not only means decision but also practice. In China, there is a famous fable “the foolish old man removed the mountains”, which presents spirits of firm determination and perseverance. No good is ever done by hesitation in the world. It is known that Buffet, every time  his investment will get a huge return, because he is well prepared in advance and determined what makes his pay shall be multiplied.


Although self-denial and determination are both vital, probably the most important measure of maturity is dependability. When we talk about a person who is dependable means he is worthy of reliance or trusts. If you are committed to transmit some secret documents to a company, you must be required dependable. Sometimes dependability refers to responsibility. Judging a person whether he is mature or not, responsibility is the key factor, because only the person with responsibility is worthy of being depended on.


In conclusion, if a student who owns the qualities of self-denial, determination and dependability, he can say that he is a mature student with pride; otherwise he can’t. If you really can develop the three qualities, you really comprehend the meaning of maturity.


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