Parents now pay more and more attention to their children’s education. So these days, selecting a so-called key school for children has become a common desire of parents and some high-priced schools have come into being accordingly. This phenomenon has its own background. For schools, which are suffering from a lack of funds, enrolling students at high fees is no doubt an effective way to collect money. Parents, on the other hand, who wish to seek a guarantee of their children getting into a key university in the future, have no hesitation in paying high prices for schools with high-quality teachers and advanced teaching equipment.


But facts have proved that sending children to a famous school at great expense is not always a wise choice. The real victims are sometimes the children themselves. When children transfer to a new and a better school, they usually find it hard to adapt to the new environment and adjust them in a short period of time. Seeing other students far ahead them, they feel great pressure from all sides. They are always worrying about their study and relationship with strangers. And, worse still, it is not easy for them to catch up with those top students in the class.


Personally, the practice might also send children a wrong message that money can buy everything. As a result, some might not study hard though in a better environment. In fact, the government has stipulated that children should go to appointed schools near their homes. Transferring schools will greatly disorder the normal teaching order. Even, it is disturbing that such a practice will damage the justice of society in the long run.


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