It is very hard for us today to find films as exciting as they were in the past. Famous films from 1950s like “Heroic Son and Daughter” and “Dong Cunrui,” seem a thing of the past. But their heroic images still appear vividly in our minds. Now many people are unwilling to go to the cinema, claiming that it is a “torture” to see a so-called modern film.


As we know, the function of art and literature is to convey people’s thoughts and ideas, to improve people’s spiritual lives and give them the pleasure of entertainment. But to our disappointment, some “fashionable” films today contain nothing but explicit sexual description, extramarital affairs, and even blood and violence.


Some playwrights and film directors seldom plunge themselves into real life to seek creative motivation and inspiration. Instead, they just fabricate their plots and characters based on their one-sided and ignorant understanding of life.


Personally, it is clear that such films can lead people nowhere, but corrupt their minds and weaken their morals.


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