As the Spring Festival approaches, at the busy airport station, people are on their way home, looking forward to reuniting with their families. The vast north and south of the river are decorated with lanterns, and the annual custom activities are also colorful, creating a thick festival atmosphere. Not only that, whether online or offline features of the New Year goods are all dazzling, buying and selling both prosperous and lively.



Recently, there has been a popular question on the Internet: "Which moment makes you feel that the New Year is coming?" Triggered a heated debate among netizens. Although the answers are varied, they all reveal the deep expectation of reunion with family members and relatives. It can be seen that reunion is the strongest flavor of the New Year. No matter how far the journey is, or how busy the work is, going home for the New Year is always the most sincere expectation of every Chinese.



If reunion is the core of the Spring Festival culture, then a variety of annual customs activities make the Spring Festival culture more colorful and meet people's spiritual and cultural needs. Like pasting spring couplets, writing blessing characters, hanging Chinese knots, etc., with good wishes for the New Year. Going to temple fairs, guessing lantern riddles, and watching intangible cultural performances can experience the unique charm of traditional culture.



Of course, the Spring Festival culture has a long history, but it is not static. To a certain extent, it is precisely because of the continuous innovation and keeping pace with The Times that traditional festivals can exude lasting cultural charm. Whether it is receiving lucky money from the elders, or sharing electronic red envelopes on the mobile phone, it is filled with good expectations for the New Year. Whether it is to visit in person or send blessings online, it conveys deep affection for relatives and friends. The Times are changing, and the customs are constantly evolving. This change not only gives new vitality to the tradition but also makes the Spring Festival more enjoyable.



During the Spring Festival, thousands of families share the festival, thousands of lights reflect the peaceful scene of national peace and family harmony, but also let us feel the cultural charm of the Spring Festival in this thick flavor.


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在年味中感受春节的文化魅力 Feel the cultural charm of the Spring Festival in the New Year flavor