With a warm blessing, a string of bright red lanterns, and a far-reaching meaning of the couplet, the New Year bell will be in this strong festive atmosphere. In the evening, the gorgeous fireworks bloom in the night sky, sprinkling thousands of bright, becoming a vivid and bright color in winter.



In the cold of La Qi Laba, jackdaws shrink because of the cold, but people's hearts are hot because of the expectation of the New Year. On Laba day, whether at home or in temples, sweet Laba porridge will be cooked. To make Laba congee, it is necessary to boil glutinous rice, peanuts, red beans, mung beans, lotus seeds, and other rich ingredients in a pot, and add brown sugar to boil slowly. Soon the sweet smell spread. Open the lid of the pot, and steaming Laba porridge will appear in front of you, a bite down, the warmth of the whole body, dissipates the cold in winter.



After the eighth day of the Twelfth Lunar New Year, shops began to step up preparations for the New Year, and more stalls on the street. In a jubilant atmosphere, finally arrived the most anticipated day - the market. On both sides of the street are the shouts of vendors, selling couplets, selling lanterns, selling New Year pictures, all appear on this day. Walking into the street, people will first buy a bag of sugar oranges, peel, and eat while choosing to buy New Year's goods. After a while, I went to the shop for spring couplets and selected a piece of couplets written with "financial resources widely into", that did not fold into the bag, so hung on the body, manly as if wearing a new suit.



Although in this cold winter, the vast snow covers the village, it is broken by this piece of red. A bright color in the winter is the gorgeous fireworks, is the sweetness of Laba porridge, but also people in the cold never stop expecting and yearning for the future. This enthusiasm and expectation, like the red lanterns and couplets, light up the whole winter but also light up the hope in people's hearts.


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