At the end of each year, the smell of the year becomes stronger and stronger. For me, the taste of the New Year is not only the red lanterns on the streets and the jubilant Spring couplets but also the busy figures at home, the fragrance overflowing, and the rare reunion and warmth.



Memories of the New Year, always from the mother's busy figure, she shuttled between the kitchen and the living room, holding a broom or rag, the home clean. But there was always a contented smile on her face as if the process of cleaning was itself a ritual, a way of welcoming the New Year. And I will help her stick couplets, hang lanterns, and feel the warmth and joy of home.



The smell of the New Year is also the aroma of the kitchen. My father always shows his cooking skills at this time, stewing meat, making dumplings, making rice cakes... Each dish contains his love and blessing for his family. When the food is served, the whole family will sit together and enjoy the rare reunion time. At the dinner table, we talked about the past year bit by bit, sharing each other's joys and sorrows, laughter, and hot air interwoven together to form the most warm New Year.



The taste of the New Year is not only busy and delicious food, but also a rare leisure and relaxation. At this time, both adults and children will put aside their busy and stressful days and immerse themselves in this joy and reunion. We would watch TV, play cards and chat together, enjoying the rare leisure time.



However, with the change of The Times, the taste of the New Year seems to be quietly changing. Nowadays, in addition to traditional customs and food, many new elements have been added. For example, the family together to watch movies, travel, take family photos, etc. These new ways make the New Year more colorful, but also let us cherish this rare reunion and warmth.



In my mind, the flavor of the New Year is not only a kind of flavor or an atmosphere, but also a kind of emotional sustenance and cultural inheritance. It makes us stop in our busy lives, feel the warmth and beauty of home, and also makes us cherish each other's existence and companionship in the reunion. However, no matter how The Times change, this New Year flavor will always remain in our hearts and become our most precious memory and wealth.


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