Often in the dead of night, I lie in bed looking at the ceiling, reflecting on my life, thinking about the happiness and unhappiness I have been, with the drift of thoughts, the feeling of happiness and unhappiness have come.



So what is happiness? As the name suggests, happiness is to have a grateful heart; Have a healthy body; A group of trusted friends and a promising tomorrow. The main thing is to have a true self.



So where is happiness? Happiness is often around us, just like an invisible angel that comes to us when we need it. For example, when you receive presents from your classmates on your birthday, you will feel happy; When you see your mother busy in the hot sun, you will feel happy; When you see your dad working so hard to support the family, you feel happy.



Therefore, happiness is beautiful, happiness has many meanings, happiness is an invisible angel, it will always come when you need it most.


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