Use your time to improve yourself with the work of others, so that you can easily obtain what others have labored to obtain. -- Socrates


When I feel tired, I like to sit alone in a room, a short rest, tired body will be able to relax; When I feel irritable, I like to hold a good book in my hand, read a few pages, and the impetuous heart will be peaceful. My colorful childhood is inseparable from books, because "books are the ladder of human progress". Every one of us can not grow up without books, kindergarten to read, primary school to read, and later also to read, so books and our growth have a close relationship!



I was very, very small, lying in my grandma's arms in the quiet night, listening to grandma tell those old folk fables. Grew up a little bit, I can read a few words, I gradually began to read fairy tales by myself. Grimm's fairy tales are my favorite. I want to go into the big forest full of flowers and play games with Snow White; I want to go to the magnificent underwater palace, to find the little mermaid in foam; I want to find the ugly duckling and ask him what happened after he became a white swan. Fairy tales show me a wonderfully colorful world and teach me what is true, good, and beautiful, and what is false, ugly, and evil. Books taught me the first lesson of life.



As I grew older, I slowly began to catch the shadow of poetry. Love the romance of Li Bai, love the chic of Su Shi. Odor Su Dongpo's talent is elegant, "I hope people for a long time, a thousand miles of total moon." Tears scattered in Yue Fei Jianghong in the red blood heart. With young eyes to read Qin Guan "if the two love for a long time, and how in the morning and evening." The love vow is passed down through the ages. Poetry let me go through time and space, back to the starting point, to appreciate the sorrow of the ancients, and vicissitudes. The book, lets me touch the ancient heritage of our Chinese culture.



Now, the prose novel is my best friend. The footsteps of Hemingway accompany the old man fishing, in the wind and waves to fight strong enemies, with Gorky recalling his pain and interwoven sweet "childhood", "in the world", and "my university". Follow Bingxin's grandma to recover the past, the small orange light shining in the night. Looking at the Daiyu burial flower under Cao Xueqin's pen, the rise and fall of Jia's family, let the pace of history stay in that moment. A follower cloud, with Wu Chengen, heaven, makes a big racket of the Queen Mother's peach assembly, enjoy playing. Looking at the heroic heroism of one hundred and eight generals of Liangshan. The Three Kingdoms War of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan... Books, let me have their ideals and let me continue to progress in the ideal.



Shakespeare said, "Books are the nourishment of the world." Indeed, if there were no books, human beings would stop in the primitive society of mere eating and drinking blood; If there were no books, man would always stay in the ignorant and backward world; Without books, we would have no way to talk about life, no way to talk about value, and no way to talk about development!



In the future, I will still make friends with good books! Because reading a good book is like encountering a charcoal fire in the dead of winter, it will ignite you with selfless confidence and passion. Reading a good book is like a hot summer met the shade, in your self-admiration, to your impetuous mind a light and cool breeze. Reading a good book, just like a lost ship meets the beacon light so that you can raise the ideal sail and sail to the journey of life!



A book of good books with me spent more than a dozen spring, summer, autumn and winter, a book of good books with me to meet a brilliant tomorrow. I grew up with good books. Reading is not three more five drums, hard work only afraid of exposure to ten cold." With good books as friends, with good books as a mirror, in the future days, I will continue to stride forward with the company of books!


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