May is a month full of laughter and busyness. In this season, we celebrate Mother's Day, Nurses' Day, and Children's Day, as well as the May 1st International Labor Day and May 4th Youth Day. This month, we have experienced many updates and changes in the epidemic and also welcomed many new hopes and opportunities.



However, June is just around the corner, symbolizing new beginnings and hope. In this month, we will welcome the arrival of the college entrance examination, hot weather, and a busy semester. At the same time, we are also looking forward to new holidays and opportunities, such as the June 1 Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival.



In June, we should also cherish and appreciate those who serve and give to us, such as nurses, workers, and volunteers. They are our strongest support, but also our most lovely people. We should pay great respect and gratitude to them and let them feel our care and respect.



Goodbye May, hello June! Let's meet new challenges and opportunities together, face the future bravely, and strive to achieve their dreams and goals. Let us smile and sweat, together to write a beautiful June chapter!


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