In some southern cities, railway station offices and authorized agencies have begun selling real-name train tickets. Requiring a valid form of identification, the real-name system aims to make buying tickets more convenient and fairer. It is also said to be effective in curbing scalping, especially during the Spring Festival period.


Though the aim of introducing real-name train ticket is fully justified, it has brought about some problems. One problem is the leaking of personal information. Buyers’ names and ID numbers printed on the tickets may be used to make false certificates or for other purposes once the tickets fall into the wrong hands. Another problem is that the complicated system and check-in process add to the already heavy workload of the railway workers.


In my view, the real-name train ticket system is a bold try to ensure passengers’ security and an effective weapon against notorious scalping. Since it is new-born and needs time to perfect itself, we should treat fairly the current problems it brings. I believe that with people’s awareness of privacy protection enhanced, and with the development of technology, this action will bring convenience and benefit to passengers.


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