Nowadays, with the rapid development of our society, especially the IT and information industry, cell phones are accessible and they play a dominant role in our daily life, which greatly facilitate our lives. Firstly, it’s very useful and convenient. As a wireless mobile phone, it can be easy to carry and make people reach others and be reached immediately, without considering the location. Secondly, it’s also a perfect recreational tool. With the progress of science and technology, cell phones are much more powerful than ever. With them, people not only can make a phone call, send SMS, but also can play games and search the internet, even do shopping. Furthermore, when you are in trouble, the handy cell phone is an effective way to help you.


    However, some people argue that the mobile phones bring some negative impacts to people’s lives as well as convenience. Firstly, to a certain extent, the mobile phones will affect interpersonal relationships. If you constantly fiddle with your mobile phone when you’re communicating with your friends or families, the mobile phone will make dialogue delay to make others feel that you lack of sincerity and even likely to cause conflict. Secondly, mobile phones will narrow the circle of life by making the traditional social models, such as family gatherings, school reunions, less important. Because mobile phones occupy too much of our time and attention, and force us to focus on them. Last but not the least, mobile phones are harmful to our health.


To sum up, moblie phones as a tool to faciliate our lives, we should use them appropriately to make convenience and reduce their negative impacts.


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