With the oil price going up high in the global market,our attention is once again drawn by the energy problem.We have to admit that we're facing a new round of energy crisis.


  Currently,as the industry and agriculture develop so fast, the consumption of energy such as oil,gases or coals is dramatically increasing.On one hand, energy are urgently needed for the economic development.On the other hand,limited and unrecoverable energy, especially fossil fuels like oil and coals,can not offer us adequate supply.How long could the oil be used has been a controversy among the experts.Some think the store of the oil can only maintain for thirty or fourty years.but some other experts who hold an opptimistic attitude believe that the oil we have now are enough to support us for as long as one or two hundred years.Despite whether these opinions are true or not,for one thing we are sure is the situation of energy we're facing is becoming worse and worse.The crisis has alreay come.So we must face it and try to solve it ,because we really dread to think what will become of us if one day we live without energy.


  Though we are aware of the energy crisis's coming,how to handle it becomes another tough problem.Nowdays,many countries are trying develop new types of energy which are clean and recyclable,for example,solar energy,nuclear energy and wind power.We hope, in the near future,these would be the subsititute for the fossil fuels.In addition, another important means is to improve the efficiency of using oil and to avoid extra waste during the process of refinement.Meanwhile,educate people to save energy is also necessary.


  Altogether , it is a movement that needs everyone's participation,for energy has such a close relationship with our daily life.So,come on everybody,it's time for us to save ourself from the energy crisis.


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