Affluence is the thing most people are longing for all their lives. To pursue wealth is their goal of life. Feeling confidence that money is one of the most wonderful things in the world, they try various ways to earn as much as possible.


Considering what it is like to be rich, people think it would be considerably enjoyable. The life is not as boring as before, but is filled with variety. Every day is fresh and passionate, because money can help them to do different things.


They can rush into department stores to purchase lots of expensive clothes and cosmetics without glancing at the prices. They can afford the dear expenses of entertainment, so their life is wonderful and colorful. Luxurious furniture, high –quality household appliances and comfortable housing conditions provide a convenient and easy life for them. They don’t have to worry about economic problems. For them ,enjoying the material abundance is more important. 


What’s more, wealth brings them a higher social position. They use a little amount of money to patronize the poor and win some respect and good reputation.


It seems that the rich life is exciting and happy. However, things are not as good as they expected. When they get money, they are afraid of the safety of money. The thieves and robbers are their enemies, who annoy them so much that they often have nightmares at nights. Sometimes, the sharp contrast between material abundance and the spiritual poverty makes the feel oppressed and depressed. So money is not always associated with happiness. They despise the poor, but they envy their pure happiness of the simple life.


The more money they have, the more they worry. They usually think how to spend the money in future, which bothers them a lot. Then they realize that wealth brings them so many troubles. To be rich is not as attractive as they have imagined.


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