Private Cars-有关私家车的问题的英语作文


Nowadays more and more families own private cars. Private cars, as the product of modem civilization, have been playing a vital role in people's daily activities. First, private cars are a convenient means of transportation. You can go wherever you like. Secondly, there is no doubt that private cars will have a great impact on the economic growth. The rapid car industry growth will contribute much to keeping the country's economy growing at a higher rate in the near future.

But every coin has two sides. The development of the private cars will bring about a series of problems. For example, the polluted air given off by cars will do great harm to our health, too many private cars will lead to traffic jams and a great deal of energy will be wasted and so on.

So I think we should take advantages of private cars and make them serve us better. Meantime we hope that satisfactory solutions to these negative problems will be found soon.

Nowadays more and more private cars have entered thousands of ordinary families. Privatecars are used every day to carry i people to and from work. At weekends, private cars take families on joyful outings. Most of people living in the city like private cars very much. What is more, the development of the car industry will stimulate other industries, such as iron and steel production. So the private car benefits the growth of economy.

Private cars, like everything else, have more than one face. Private cars have also given rise to a series of problems. For example, the street are crowded with cars. They not only cause traffic accidents which injure or kill a large number of people each year, but also make great noise and give off many poisonous gases. But I believe we can solve all of the problems in the near future.

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