A new supermarket in our neighbourhood has started business recently.It is only five minutes' walk from our college.Ding Hua asked me to go shopping with her,or rather,to see what the new supermarket was like.
       We went there yesterday.It was spacious,clean,tidy and brightly lit.There were row upon row of goods shelves filled with various kinds of goods.Two girl shop-assistants sat at two check-outs.Some other assistants were replenishing the shelves.But there were some who were just chatting with each other or just keeping watch on the customers.
         We moved about,looking at the attractive things on the shelves.But we only bought a few articles,Ding Hua chose a pair of slippers,and I picked up a bag of washing powder and a bottle of pickle.
         It is easy and convenient shoppiing in a supermarket.The first of those supermarkets were introduced into our cities from the developed countries only a couple of years ago,which shows that our economics are developing rapidly.But we think the quality of the staff members is to be raised.As far as we know,no shop assistants are chatting with each other or keeping watch on the customers in the supermarkets in developed countries.

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