Nowadays, English is the necessary language for Chinese students, most parents pay special attention to the English education, they believe that it can help their kids to have advantage over others. There is no doubt that English is of great importance, while Chinese is ignored. Actually, Chinese is the language that spoken by most people around the world. As Chinese economy develops so fast, the world is keeping their eyes on China. Many foreigners have already started to learn Chinese, they want to do business with Chinese people and seek for cooperation. Though Chinese is our mother tongue, we still need to master it well, or we will be kicked out. 
如今,对于中国学生来说, 英语是必要的学习语言,大多数家长特别重视英语教育,他们认为英语可以帮助他们的孩子比别人有优势。毫无疑问,英语是非常重要的,而中文却被忽略。实际上,中文是世界上最多人讲的语言。由于中国经济的发展如此之快,全世界都在关注着中国。许多外国人已经开始学习中文,他们想和中国人做生意,寻求合作。虽然汉语是我们的母语,我们仍然需要掌握它,不然我们就会被淘汰。

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