Marisa who is a beautiful girl from England, she works as a fitness instructor. She is also a fashionable icon. Having so many identities makes her life wonderful. But before Marisa was 20, who can imagine that she is a very fat girl. When Marisa was a small girl, she liked to eat all kinds of food, which made her a big fat girl. As she grew up, she noticed her difference and the boy she liked fell in love with her best friend. Marisa realized that she needed to lose weight, she refused to the junk food and ate the organic food. She kept practise every day. Finally, a year passed and she lose more than 80 pounds. She began her beautiful life. 
玛丽莎来自英格兰,是一个美丽的女孩,她是一名健身教练。她也是一个时尚偶像。多重身份使得她的生活精彩。但在玛丽莎20岁之前, 谁能想象到她是一个非常胖的女孩。当玛丽莎还是一个小女孩的时候,她喜欢吃各种各样的食物,这使她成为一个大胖女孩。当她长大了,她注意到自己与众不同,她喜欢的男孩爱上了她最好的朋友。玛丽莎意识到她需要减肥,她拒绝垃圾食品,吃有机食品。她每天都锻炼。最后,一年过去了,她减掉了80多磅。她开始她的美丽生活。

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