Now I am a middle school student, I will enter high school soon. Everybody thinks that the age of mine is the best age, because we are young and full of vitality. But I want to grow up quickly. I am not afraid of growing old and I want to grow older. In my eyes, age is a gift. As the time goes by, I will become mature. Because the thing I have been through will teach me the lesson and I will learn a lot, becoming a better person. The young and innocent me eager to grow up, I know it takes time to be independent. Age is a gift, so now I cherish every moment. 
现在我是一名初中生,我很快就要进入高中了。每个人都认为我的年龄是最好的时候,因为我们年轻,充满活力。但我想成长得快点。我不害怕变老,我想长大。在我看来,年龄是一份礼物。随着时间的流逝,我会变得成熟。因为我经历过的事情会让我学到教训,我将学到很多东西,成为一个更好的人。年幼无知的我渴望长大,我知道这需要时间去变得独立。岁月是礼物, 所以现在我珍惜每一刻。
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