In people’s life, they will face many difficulties, most people can conquer those hard times and keep moving on. Making mistake is the difficulty that everyone will have to face, no one is perfect, how to treat the mistake is very important. Some people will choose to ignore their mistakes and tell lies, because they are afraid of being condemned. While some people will choose to face their mistakes and learn to fix the mistakes. I appreciate the latter people, they are honest and take the right attitude towards making mistakes. Making mistake is not horrible, people can learn from those mistakes and become mature, after all, it will take some price to grow up.
在人们的生活中,他们会面临很多困难,大部分人能够克服这些困难的时光,继续向前进。犯错误是每个人都会面临的困难,没有人是完美的,如何对待错误是很重要的。一些人会选择忽视他们的错误,然后 撒谎,因为他们害怕受到谴责。然而一些人选择面对他们的错误,学着去改正错误。我欣赏后者,他们诚实,正确面对犯错误。犯错误并不可怕,人们可以从这些错误中学习,变得成熟,毕竟,成长是需要代价的。
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