I'm keen on swimming, because I find it’s so cool and relaxing. In summer days, it's always very hot. We can’t do any sports but swim. While swimming, I can entertain myself. I began to learn swimming when I was eight years old. I was a quick learner. After three weeks learning, I could swim very well. So I often went swimming with my friends in my free time. But now I'm tired of swimming pools. I dream of swimming in the sea.

我喜欢游泳,因为我觉得游泳很酷也很让人放松。夏天总是很热。 除了游泳我们不能做别的运动。在游泳时,我可以自我娱乐。我八岁时开始学游泳。我学得很快。经过三周的学习,我就可以游得很好了。所以在我的空闲时间里我经常和我的朋友去游泳。但现在我厌倦了游泳池。我想在海里游泳。

If I'm in Zhuhai, I will go swimming in the sea every day. After swimming, I will lie on the golden beach and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Sometimes I will also pick up some sea shells or feel the sea wind. It must be amusing.


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