Being a middle school student, I have come across various genres of music. Among them, my favorite music is pop music.


Pop music is lively and catchy, and it always lifts my spirits. Whenever I listen to pop songs, I cannot help but dance along with the rhythm. The beats are so infectious that they make me forget all my worries and problems. The lyrics of pop songs are usually simple, which makes it easy for me to sing along. I often find myself humming the tunes even after the song is over.


One of my favorite pop artists is Taylor Swift. Her songs are not only melodious but also relatable. The lyrics of her songs often depict different emotions and experiences in life, which I can personally connect with. Whenever I listen to her music, it feels like she understands me and my feelings.


Apart from pop music, I also enjoy listening to classical music. Classical music has a calming effect on me. It helps me relax and concentrate when I am studying or doing homework. The soothing melodies and intricate compositions of classical music make me appreciate the beauty of art and culture.


In conclusion, my favorite music in middle school is pop music. It brings me joy and allows me to express myself through dancing and singing. Additionally, classical music helps me find peace and serenity in the midst of a busy school life. Music is truly a universal language that brings people together and brings out the best in us.


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