"Sniper rifle" is the English translation for "狙击枪".

A sniper rifle is a type of firearm that is designed for long-range precision shooting. It typically has a long barrel, a high-powered scope, and is often used by military and law enforcement snipers.

The origin of the term "sniper" comes from the British army in the late 18th century, from the word "snipe," which was a type of bird that was difficult to hunt due to its elusive behavior. The term "rifle" refers to the type of firearm, which uses a spiral groove in the barrel to spin the bullet, giving it increased accuracy over long distances.

Example sentences in English:

"The sniper took aim through his rifle's scope, waiting for the perfect shot."
"The special forces team was armed with high-powered sniper rifles."
"The marksman was trained to shoot accurately with his sniper rifle from long distances."



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