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An unforgetful trip一个unforgetful之旅

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        I went Chong Qing in July 22.It is a city which was built near mountains. So people call it Mountain City\. In Chong Qing,I went to the Red Stone Center, to see the places which the prisoners lived in the past. It is a terrible and awful trip. There are a lot of dogs, and soldiers with guns near the prisons. And most of the prisons are good, they didn't want to tell the bad people where the other people were. They lived in very small houses. No good food to eat, no good water to drink.They had only twenty minutes to stay out side per day but they still said nothing. I think they are the heros in that century. I will follow their spirit. 下面的长了点。。也难了点。。   That was the first time for me to come to America. The trip was much more exciting than I had expected. As planned, I got my plane ticket and started my journey. Everything went smoothly at first. I departed from my home city Qingdao and changed a larger plane in Seoul, South Korea. The second day the plane arrived in Chicago on time and I was in high spirits for I almost got to my destination—SMSU (Southwest Missouri State University) in Springfield. Just at that time something unexpected happened. When I went through the customs, the immigration officer asked me about the 9-year-old boy who travelled with me all the way from China. As a matter of fact, I didn't really know the boy before. Before I left China, his grandparents heard that I was coming to Springfield through Chicago, so they asked me to take this boy to his parents who work in Chicago. The boy had all the necessary documents, including his passport, American visa, etc. Without any hesitation, I agreed to take care of the boy on my way to Chicago. I explained to the officer, but he insisted that I should show the boy's parents?letter inviting the boy to America, which we didn't bring with us. The officer asked us to stay aside and after a while, another officer came and brought us to a special room and ordered us to be quiet. When I looked around, I found another man there, whose ankle was fastened with fetters to a bench leg. It was obvious that I had lost my freedom. They probably thought I was a smuggler who smuggle children to America.   The plane for Springfield was leaving soon. I tried to explain, but they refused to listen. They just asked us to sit still. After about 30 minutes, one officer came to ask me about the boy's parents?telephone number and I told him they were waiting outside the Customs Office and told him their names. The officer said he would find them. After another 20 minutes, he came back and returned my passport and allowed me to go, but he did not bring the boy's parents in. His parents were not allowed into the Customs Office, so the boy had to wait. Just imagine, how frightening for a boy who was only 9 years old, speaking no English and was told to stay there waiting! So I said: "No, I won't go unless the boy goes with me or you let his parents come to fetch him." On hearing this, the officer asked me to wait and after 10 minutes, he came out and gave us the boy's passport and allowed us to leave. I looked at my watch. I had 8 minutes left to get onto my plane. We hurried to look for our luggage. Just as the old saying goes, "When it rains, it pours."One of my luggage bags in which I put all my daily neccessities was missing. I looked everywhere but failed to find it. An officer there told me to go and collect it in Springfield. I had to take the boy to his parents. There were so many people waiting outside. I could not find his parents. I had never seen them before. The boy was so young that I dared not let him go alone to look for his parents for fear he might get lost. Finally I had to call out his father's name at the top of my voice, and getting a few stares. They probally thought I was mad. Luckily he heard me and my mission of taking the boy to his parents was fulfilled. But there was only about 2 minutes before the plane took off. So we (his father and I) hurried to the terminal, only to be told the plane had left exactly 2 minutes before. The officer at the terminal suggested us to take the next day's plane for it was already 9 pm. I was really exhausted. The only thing I could do then was to find the nearest hotel, "Hilton Hotel"to stay for the night.
        我又在7月22.It重庆是一个依山而建的城市附近。因此 人们称之为山城\。在重庆,我去了红石中心,看到囚犯的地方,住在 过去。这是一个可怕的,可怕的旅程。有很多很多的狗,和附近的监狱枪的士兵。和大多数 监狱是好的,他们不想告诉其他地方的人坏人。他们住在非常小的房子。否 良好的食物吃,没有好的水drink.They只有20分钟,每天留出的一面,但他们仍然没有说什么。我 认为他们在一个世纪的英雄。我会跟进他们的精神。下面的长了点。。也难了点。。这是第一次 我的时间,来到美国。这次旅行更令人兴奋的比我的预期。按照计划,我得到了我的飞机票, 开始我的旅程。起初一切顺利顺利。我离开我的家乡青岛,改变在一个更大的飞机 韩国汉城。第二天飞机抵达芝加哥时,我是为我精神抖擞我差点 目的地西南密苏里州立大学(西南密苏里州立大学),在斯普林菲尔德。就在这时候意想不到的事情发生。何时 我走过的海关,移民官员问我9岁的男孩谁与我游,一路从 中国。作为事实上,我真的不知道面前的男孩。我离开中国之前,他的爷爷奶奶听说我是 来通过芝加哥斯普林菲尔德,所以他们问我借这个男孩的父母谁在芝加哥工作。所有的男孩 必要的文件,包括他的护照,美国签证,没有任何犹豫等,我同意采取照顾的孩子 在我的途中到芝加哥。我向军官,但他坚持认为我应该显示男童的父母?邀请函 美国男孩,我们并没有带来我们。该名人员要求我们留一边,过了一会儿,另一名警察来了, 把我们带到一个特殊的房间,命令我们要安静。当我环顾四周,我发现另一名男子出现,他的脚踝 系与在凳子上脚镣。很明显,我失去了我的自由。他们可能以为我是谁走私 儿童走私到美国。飞机的斯普林菲尔德很快离开。我试图解释,但他们不听。 他们只是要求我们坐不住了。约30分钟后,一名官员来询问孩子的家长我?电话号码 我告诉他,他们在外面等着,海关办事处,并告诉他自己的名字。他说他会找到他们。 再过20分钟,他回来,回到我的护照,并让我去,但他并没有把这个男孩的父母 只有他的父母是无法进入海关总署,所以男孩等待。试想,一个男孩如何可怕谁 只有9岁,说完全不懂英语,被告知呆在那里等待!所以,我说:“不,我不会去,除非男孩 我或者你让他的父母来接他。“听到这一消息,该人员要求我等待10分钟后,他 走了出来,给我们的孩子的护照,并允许我们离开。我看了看手表。我已经8分钟离开登上我的 飞机。我们赶紧寻找我们的行李。正如一句老话所说:“如果下雨,它浇注。”我的一个行李袋 我把我所有的日常neccessities失踪。我望着到处,但未能找到它。一名军官告诉我那里去 在斯普林菲尔德,并收集它。我不得不带着这个孩子回到他的父母。有这么多的人在外面等着。我不能 找到他的父母。我从没有见过他们。这名男孩是如此年轻,我也不敢让他独自去寻找他的 父母担心他可能会丢失。最后,我不得不在呼唤我的声音顶部他父亲的名字,并获得数 眼神。他们probally以为我疯了。幸运的是他听到我和我的孩子到他父母的使命是完成。 但只有大约2分钟前,飞机起飞。因此,我们(他的父亲和我),急忙向终端,只需要 说,这架飞机已经离开2分钟前到底。在终端人员建议我们采取第二天乘飞机 已是晚上九时。我真的感到疲惫。我唯一能做当时找到最近的星级酒店,“希尔顿酒店” 停留过夜。#p#分页标题#e#
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