EQ and IQ

EQ stands for the high social ability for people while IQ means the ability in academic study. There is an interesting situation that the smart person who has the high IQ while his EQ will be in the opposite. There are many classic images in the screen...

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现代企业最想要的人才类型 What Kind of Talent did the Modern Enterprise Want the Most?

In the 21st century, the talent quality of hardworking and dependable is no longer the only thing that the enterprise required. In fact, those two qualities are the basic constitution, now the requirement of talent is more comprehensive. The perspective to define a talent is different now....

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在职业生涯中情商比智商更重要 EQ counts more than IQ in career

However, with the development of our society, more and more studies show that EQ counts more than IQ in career....

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